Did you get your black belt from K Mart

Useless Karate Black Belt Action LMFAO!!!

This is a real black belt ceremony and all of the students involved were awarded their karate black belt after this ‘test’. Suddenly I’m not so scared of people with black belts anymore.



  1. just because you have a black belt does not mean you are a fighter or good at your art. you got the black belt because you have been there so many fucking years so they have to give it to you.

  2. I’m telling you, I’m not a racist but America has mostly ruined martial arts. Black belt means of higher virtue, these kids like many others clearly don’t understand that, nor have trained hard enough to be given that title. Do traditional martial arts, not this crap.
    I’m a Taekwondo practitioner and I feel confident enough to take 5 of these guys on at once, following the rule of punching/elbows to the face which isn’t in the Taekwondo fighting sport.

  3. It bothers me because the people aren't even sparing in combos they should be doing three at minimum the first guy did throw like a double punch then a roundhouse like twice the rest are just one kick or multiple repetitive kicks at the same level, not to mention most if not all the time its a roundhouse and I think I saw a sidekick, at any belt you should be sparring with diversity but especially at a high level I didn't even see one spinning hook kick heel kick or anything,and I'm pretty sure there were no spinning kicks at all but I'm not completely sure. I'm not that high ranking and I'm not a master or advanced in the art by any means but I know that this isn't enough to obtain your blackbelt. a black belt is a master of the basics and obviously there were some.. errors I wish these guys the best though even if that was pretty hard to watch

  4. white and niggas always faking shit. if you look on youtube of fakes, you will see either white or niggas. the problem with all the damn fake as martial schools is that you want you to pay to rank up. long as you pay you will get your belt.

  5. wow … it says `real` in the description does anybody know? When where etc … Its so bad its amazing anybody with a reasonable martial arts background can see its incredibly bad … must admit it looks real they do appear serious

  6. This is kinda painful to see actually, they know kinda what they're trying to do, but they kinda look like some of our orange belts that haven't figured out how to breathe or expand yet. Lots of short jerky movements with no distance or timing in the sparring. I've trained for nearly 5 years now and am about to go for my second degree, which is an 18 month minimum from the first degree to be eligible to test, I think most of these people just needed more time to sharpen what they have and learn to work together

  7. What I find most fascinating about this video is the consistency between each student's bad form. I'm guessing this is suppose to be Tae Kwon Do , Tang Soo Do or Hapkido since the teacher is giving a sijak to start the madness. I've trained in several WTF dogangs over the last 20 years…some have been great others not so great, but I frequently couldn't choose because of my job requires me to move every 3ish years. Even in the good schools, where 95% percent of advanced practitioners were solid and had great form, there was always one or two who just didn't have the skills, strength, flexibility or coordination to even master the most fundamental techniques. However, they came, and worked hard, could go through the poomse, complete the required one steps and survive a beating for several 3 minute sparring rounds and, although I kinda disagree, these students were often rewarded with black belts. When you looked at the school as a whole, most of the black belts were good, if not great and truly earned the belt.

    In this video every single student has the exact same bad form…it's almost as if someone is telling them, this is the proper way to do execute a round house, side kick, etc, etc. The frightening thing about this, and why I disagree with awarding a black belt to someone who can't perform the proper technique is that it gives the students false self confidence. By giving these student black belts your aren't doing anything but fear management without arming them with the proper tools. Of course a seasoned MMA would destroy these students, and probably me as well even with over 20 years and a black belt, but I just can imagine this would be even remotely effective against someone without any martial arts training.

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