Jiu Jitsu in the Park with a Fake Blackbelt

Recently busted Fraud Jay Queiroz of Jay Queiroz Martial Arts in Marlboro, NY presents us with 10 minutes of some of the worst techniques ever displayed on film. I feel bad for the students who he handed out belts to.



  1. I was so confused at first. I thought the black belt was the only fake. And couldn't understand how these dudes were blue and purple lol. Then some of those positions in the first 10 seconds made me lol. And I realized they got them from him. Haha.

    From the title I thought some dudes just got together at the park to practice and that black belt showed up.
    I'd be so embarrassed to be in this vid. The sad part is, if he was the only instructor you ever had, and you went in with no knowledge at all he can really take advantage. Just cause he's Brazilian (I'm assuming he is at least. People love getting Brazilian instructors)

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