1. Its pretty obivious that she did not build up enough chi… there are real methods to storing chi and then concentrating it to disable an opponent or attacker. One way is to slow down your breathing and slowly generate inner chi from within the "core" of your body, once enough chi is established, you then increase your breathing to move the chi through your arms and out through your hands creating a pulse of invisble energy. If you have read this far along, then you are as ridiculous as that women and should go play in traffic.

  2. Strange thing is, if the guy knows its bullshit, why he did not fall to the floor and flop around like usual. I'm thinking she declined his sexual advances the night before. You don't go to all the effort of growing a pony tail like that to then have your sexual advances declined.

  3. Cada vez que veo un video de Yellow Bamboo pienso que he perdido el tiempo en mi vida practicando artes marciales REALES desde que era niño…..Que verguenza, y pensar que hay gente que paga fortunas por estas coas. Hay un video por hay de otro pavo que supuestamente te deja sin sentido con rozarte, pues cobraron en España en una exibición 90 eurazos, un espectador sale e intenta que el supuesto maestro le deje sin conocimiento, logicamente no puede y este enfadado le dice al pavo ese que si quiere una pelea de verdad respondiendole el presunto maestro que no es necesario en ese momento. Es verdaderamente vergonzoso, una verguenza y lo peor de todo es que hay gente, que sugestionada por estos estafadores, paguen barbaridades creyendose Goku o con supuestos poderes sobrenaturales.

  4. I feel so bad for that poor woman. She probably had been going through some hard times and sought out some kind of spiritual group to help her cope. What she got was a full lesson in bullshido and some ponytail toting moron cleaning her up.

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