Master of Chi Magic Punch Fire Dragonborn Martial Arts Expert Great Show

This is an amazing show of the potential of the body and the mind. Enjoy.



  1. No chi here. He is just pushing out his open hand creating a wall of air towards the candle and then he closes it real fast to give us the illusion that his fist was harnessing chi which then blew out the candle. He makes us real chi users look fake.

  2. What a joke guys do not believe these idiots they are faking it practice true martial arts do not believe in these stupid things like chi, ki and so many other things look what happened to the chi master who took on MMA fighter

  3. That's not chi magic I can do that also not with that big flame but a candle yes. Bruce Lee can do it also its like the one inch punch but trying to generate more force in shorter distance is all

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