1. JCVD was actually pissed with this girly guy interviewer and actually he had every right because those bitchy reporters like him they don't care about the real interview but more about how to humiliate the actor.. What a young asshole..

  2. legend in his own mind…segal is a bullshitter that trans in combat arts…van dam trains in a bullshit art but is a nice guy but bullshits a different way hiding behind his point sparring tournaments days and pretending that he know a high level of arts..

  3. Jean Claude is a nice Guy the Hollywood tooks him to drugs…but hes back and still a Hero on MArtial Art and i wish he get good roles to play .He is JCVD and i like him.give him new chance….the most like him are gone just Unicorns and bla bla bla…give him a new chance …he can rock it ……he was an Hero for me when i was young …………and still he is

  4. Whoever choreographed the fight scenes, especially the final fights between Stallone and JCVD and his fight against Mel Gibson.. really needs to be shot. And I don't mean with a camera.

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