1. What in the f*** is wrong with Steven Seagal I keep hearing these stories about him and they seem to be true is he that much of a whack job? I love this dude's films back in the day and the roles he played in them

  2. Finally someone liked Steven Seagal! Wich I don't understand at all. "Oh, Steven sad this, Steven sad that…", "He is too thick, he is too thin!" Badass fighters act just like Britney Spears haters! And bunch of "Tabaquis" always there to cry how bad he is. Shame!

  3. Seagal is a pathological liar, bully, and lunatic. The only people who will interview him now just want to mock him, so he is hiding in Russia as a 3rd-teir anti-American propaganda pawn. He probably feels like that makes him a secret agent, like he has been falsely telling people he's been this whole time.

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