1. there's actually footage of jcvd on youtube competing in point karate championships and he was a kickboxer that had a record of like 18 fights its fact. so what have u competed in steven to slam jcvd which is a lie when u never ever competed in shit. u know aikido big deal.

  2. Van Damme is good, but he is a movie fighter. Seagal on the other hand is a real life 7th dan master and shidoshi of Akido. The simple difference is this… Van Damme idolised Bruce Lee But Seagal TRAINED Bruce Lee in some of his methods.

  3. Around years 2000 some french idiots says JCVD has never been a champion in a documentary. This is defamation but JCVD doesn't give a shit, he has nothing to prove. A good guy. Very good guy.

  4. There's a video on YouTube (probably one of yours mate) where Van Damme and Seagull were at a party at Sylvester Stallones house and, after all tha Bullshit Seagull had been talking bout Van Damme (like on The Arsenio Hall Show)Van Damme offered Seagull outside for a fight in Stallones garden.Seagull shits his pants, makes his excuses and leaves.And yet still Van Damme iz quite humble and modest about the whole Seagull debacle, where az Fat Boy Slim still talks shit, and he wonders why everyone hates him or doesn't take him seriously

  5. Man, this guy really believes his own lies. And beat his wife. Too bad he was too scared to go outside Stallone's house party when Van Dammage awaited him for 2 hours. Steven Fakegal. Always trash talking bout others. And Mr Van Damme still showed peace n respect after all these years when doing Expendables 2 interview.

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