Steven Seagal Is GAY. | Aikido Is Bullshito FUNNIEST Interview Martial Arts Scoop!☯Rare Javier

Steven Seagal is GAY. | Aikido Bullshito Martial Arts FUNNY Interviews & Real Stories! Fat Ninja ☯Rare Videos By Javier Vargas TV! Who Is Javier Vargas? Find out here (…



  1. Segal tries hard to be a bad ass with some Italian moves or that he has what it takes to be from the hood.
    He’s really a pathetic ass who, according to many people is a pathological lier. Studio demonstration is not a fight.
    If you ever been on a fight situation you will know what I’m talking about. It’s f… nasty. I don’t think he can take a punch or kick.
    He can’t defend his ass on the floor either. A fraud

  2. Just another pathological liar…but it seems one of the worst, not to mention his history of sexual abuse which makes him just another creep/borderline criminal like so many others in Hollywood.

  3. i would like to see him to challenge any pro mma fighter and offer money prize for real fight or even vs more mma guys at once just like those Kyushu/Tai chi masters which lose real fight in 10 seconds with broken nose/bones on face

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