1. Steven Seagal says you don't know how to punch. If I was Liam, I'd say, "Steven Seagal doesn't know how to run. Like a man, anyway. Honestly, between Liam Neeson and Seagal when they are in their prime, I'd take Liam Neeson anyday. Any half decent boxer would destroy Steven Seagal in a street fight.

  2. In a later SNL episode hosted by Nicolas Cage, Lorne Michaels got in a jab at Seagal. When Cage lamented during his monologue that the audience might think he's the biggest jerk who’s ever been on the show, Michaels responded "No, no. That would be Steven Seagal."

  3. Another hilarious story and reason WHY Steven Seagal tanked in Hollywood. Youtube clips of Seagal RUNNING!

    CAVEAT: picture if you will any well known action star man and woman: they all succeed at the athletic, running gait. "Looks cool!" eg: Tom Cruise for example, he gets paid millions and all his movies have him looking awesome running. Gina Carano, The Rock, etc! They all run normal.
    Youtube Seagal in one of his FEW 80s hits with the long name; find THAT scene: Steven runs like a complete duck! Literally looks like a DUCK WADDLING with his arms waving sideways to his legs gait! Directors could not see him running in their action films which invariably any action film needs to show its star RUNNING.

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