1. OMG JCVD does an amazing Stallone impression. Seagal was talking shit, and when he got called out, he puss'd out. What an ass.
    I think Stallone's the lip thing was from a stroke.

  2. Dont really give a shit!!! About who is the best .Bloodsport was the best fighting movie ever made and Van Damn was in it.I like Stevens movies as well but Bloodsport was a masterpiece. I just like his character more.I dont give a shit who is the best.Van Damn was in the bedt movie and i enjoyed him more as an actor.Man who gives a shit about the fighting crap.Sooo many fighters .Lion Heart tooo was killler.Wish i could meet the guy .Damn good actor .Dude please come visit me .I love all your movies .God bless you my brother.

  3. Seagal is really a COWARD in a DRESS….his FORTE is in TEENAGE GIRLS!!! Anyone who runs like a DUCK and quacks like a DUCK…is a DUCK! His REAL talent is at any food BUFFET!!

  4. JCVD is the next generation martial artist after Bruce Lee. Van dame is the best after Bruce Lee.
    And about Seagal: Bull shit! Steven Segael you are nothing i mean nothing. When Bruce master the art of martial art and while he was in his best you are just a child haha little idiot kid. You learn martial art when bruce make it famous and after his death only. You are not even in the leaque. You are nothing. You might know little ikido. But Bruce Lee is ahead of his time and he is the absolute best Martial Art Master. Bruce Lee give the world kungfu. He is the breed of Asian world. The original practiser of martial art.

  5. olla ca ne fait pas longtemp que cette vid et publier waa jean claud je te donne pas deux mois d ici et tu va bien te fair bien tabacer car il faud bien t excuser pour ces grimace

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