1. Listen, if Jean Claude can fight Dolph Lundgren, who's done boxing training since the Rockie movie, JCVD tells him "don't touch me, you won't like what you get." then the same goes for Steven Seagal. Personally, I'd be more scared of Jet Li or Jason Statham being ruthless with Seagal, but I also wouldn't want to get kicked by JCVD.

  2. Seagal should stay home because with all these accusations going around about Seagal raping women won't go down well with anyone of those guys, JCVD said it perfectly and that's why I love him. JCVD might be crazy sometimes, but at least he's a nice, calm guy and not a rapist. I lost respect for Seagal as a martial artist, a real martial artist doesn't go out and purposefully try to get under peoples skins, just to get a rouse out of someone.

  3. Love this clip, keep coming back to watch that part “I’m good”, and then the black kids.. too funny. This will be my last comment though, Van Damme is totally right here though, Seagal never liked him because he was way better on the screen, his moves were waaay better to watch, way cooler, and the other thing that he doesn’t mention was he was way better looking than Seagal. When Van Damme was in his prime there wasn’t a chick on the planet that wouldn’t have kissed his dick. Seagal on the other hand had a lame ponytail.

  4. It is sad when people who are supposed to be Martial Artist talk trash about each other. I am sure that O'Sensei Funakoshi or Yamagushi would never talk like this. I am not into rap, but isn't this like the East Coast against the West Coast Crap. This stuff went on in Illinois in the 70's and 80's, Okinawan's Verses the Korean stylists. I think it would make most people not want to get involved. So much for conquering oneself.

  5. I've got just the role for stephanie segal in expendables 4! He can be the fat lazy phony that makes everyone else look bad just by saying that he knows them or fought them. Then, in act 3 he gets exposed as a phony and goes into hiding for fear of being beat up… wait a tic, that's totally what's going on in real life. HA! Maybe he'll be 'accidentally' killed by a 'malfunctioning' blank gun during production, that would be justice baby!

  6. but van Damme isnt a champion ..Seagal was right. Just because he knows the moves doesnt make him a champ haha …there are 8 year old kids who can do the same .Just google his fight record and what divisions etc …

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